Sarbani Chakraborty is an accomplished Rabindra Sangeet artiste. She started learning Rabindra Sangeet at a very early age from the Gita Bitan Sangeet Academy and later graduated from this institution. Subsequently, she started taking lessons on Rabindra Sangeet under the tutelage of famous Rabindra Sangeet exponent Acharya Ashish Kumar Bhattacharya & continued her training for more than 25 years. From her early childhood, Sarbani has been performing at various musical gatherings. She has performed at various venues in India and won music lovers' heart.

In 2007, she established her own organization named "PRATIDHWANI" with the blessings of her guru Acharya Ashish Kumar Bhattacharya. She has been a regular performer at Rabindra Sadan and other notable music festivals. Some of her recent performances include "An evening of Gaan O Kobita" with legendary film actor Soumitra Chatterjee. Of late she teamed up with Mrs Enakshi Chattopadhaya, renowned Rabindra Sangeet artiste, and produced a breathtaking showcase of her talent.

a PRATIDHWANI presentation!

PRATIDHWANI is inspired by Rabindranath-Shailaranjan gharana. Inaugural program, held at Birla Academy of Fine Arts, was accompanied by Aniruddha Singha. Esraj, Tanpura, Tabla ,Bansi and Mandira accompanied Sarbani to create the tone for the evening.

An evening with Enakshi Chatterjee

An evening with Enakshi Chattopadhaya, another guru of Rabindranath- Shailaranjan gharana, was held at Birla Academy. It celebrated 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. "Ohe sundoro momo", "sokhi amaro duare keno" and others were a tribute to Swamiji.

Nirjon Ekoker Gaan

Check out my portfolio, "Nirjon Ekoker Gaan" concert with legendary actor Soumtira Chatterjee was based upon Tagore's expression on loneliness. Soumitra's eloquent narration supplementing Sarbani's rendition of Tagore's song was a treat for the audience.


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